About Me

Hi! I’m Natalie, located in a suburb outside Jacksonville, FL. 

I started my career as a corporate climbing IT professional. That changed in 2010 after a layoff and the birth of my daughter. As I so often tell her, she was the inspiration for taking my life in a new direction. EcoHip Custom Designs launched in September, 2010 with only a few items on Etsy. After that, EcoHip joined Amazon Handmade and has been with it since opening day in 2015. In between it all, I’ve been a part of several local farmer’s markets and craft fairs. 

My mother first taught me the art of sewing with an avocado green sewing machine that is now almost fifty years old. Well, I left sewing behind for many years, picking it back up again over fifteen years ago. To my mother’s delight, I now spend my days (and nights) sewing as she once taught me so long ago. As a mother of two young children, one of whom has special needs, I love the flexibility EcoHip has given me to be there for my family while still enjoying the satisfaction of self-employment. I truly love what I do and look forward to every new work day. 

Every task, whether it is cutting fabric, taking photos, or preparing a package to ship, is completed solely by me. All items start with designer-quality fabric and are sewn together with one of my two sewing machines. Every design was created by me as I do not purchase sewing pattern licenses. 

In the rare moments I’m not sewing or spending time with my family, you can find me reading SF/F (science fiction and fantasy), talking SF/F, writing, arguing A Song of Ice and Fire fan theories, and generally being a nerd.