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A Dozen or so Podcast Suggestions

A Dozen or so Podcast Suggestions

Working in a sewing room keeps your eyes and hands constantly occupied. I don't watch TV shows or movies because the distraction might mean an incorrect measurement or crooked sewing lines. For me, that means podcasts. Lots and lots of podcasts.

Did you know there are over 30 million episodes on Apple Podcasts?  Some other podcast factoids I discovered: 

  • 49% of podcast listening is done at home. 22% while driving.
  • People subscribe to an average of six podcast shows.
  • Podcast listening via smartphones has increased 154% since 2014. In other words, the growing popularity of podcasts is, in large part, because of our phones.
  • Podcast fans listen to seven shows a week, on average. 
  • The most popular podcast genre is comedy.

Well, I certainly listen to podcasts at home and use my phone to listen. The rest, well, let's say I can beat those averages.

Since so many of us are still spending a great deal of time at home, here's a list of some of my favorite podcast shows.

The Gone Cold Podcast is a true crime podcast featuring unsolved cases throughout the state of Texas. The host, Vince, has a wonderful Texas drawl , which he uses to speak for the lost and missing. 

One other true crime podcast I can't suggest enough is Southern Fried True Crime.The show describes itself as "exploring the dark underbelly of the true south" and it delivers with historical tidbits and cultural insights. 

Business Wars is a part of the Wondery network and I look forward to each new episode. Some are stand-alone while others are in a five or six part series. Coke versus Pepsi. Nintendo goes to war against Sony. 

Lindsay Graham hosts American Elections: Wicked Game which explores every U.S election from George Washington's all the way up to 2016. This historical podcast shows just how political politics has always been. 

American History Tellers is another great historical podcast hosted by Lindsay Graham. This podcast has a similar format to Business Wars with multi-part series exploring different parts of American History. Prohibition, the Great Depression, the National Park System, and many other events are laid out in detail. This podcast is just fantastic and one I highly suggest.

Curious how haunted places become haunted? Haunted Places tells the legends, myths, and tales behind different haunted places, from old castles to historic hotels. 

Check some of them out and let me know what you think? Have any good podcast suggestions? Share in the comments and let me know. I'm constantly looking for new podcasts. 


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