Caticorn Crayon Roll, Cat Chalkboard Mat, Rainbow Crayon Wallet, Pencil Case


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These activity wallets are perfect for keeping your little one occupied every time you are out and about! They are great for restaurants, doctors office, church, and many other places. Your kids will love all the different options to keep them entertained. They are even great in the car for road trips. Keep it in your diaper bag or purse so it’ll be ready when you need it.

Each wallet comes with a spot to store crayons, chalk, or even a glue stick. There is also a large, separate pocket to hold markers, pens, or pencils. Each wallet also has a separate space that will hold a pad of paper up to 4”X6”.

To get you started, the wallet will come filled with chalk, crayons, and a pad of recycled paper! Bonus - Check the pocket! There are some stickers in there too.

These are made out of cotton fabric and easily close up with a Velcro closure - no tying required!

The outside is a bright blue with a fun caticorn pattern. These caticorns have rainbow tails and horns. The background has more rainbows and hearts. The inside lining print is a matching pink. A pink ribbon is used to keep the activity wallet's contents safe. 

When unfolded each wallet measures 10” wide X 18” long.

When you first receive your wallet, you need to prime the chalkboard by rolling a piece of chalk over the entire mat and then wiping clean. Wipe with damp cloth when needed.Spot clean wallet when needed.

These little creative activity wallets are the perfect toy to take with you on the go. Keep one with you whenever your little one has busy hands:

  • Doctor’s office, dentist’s office.
  • Restaurants
  • Church
  • Any grown-up event!

Toddlers and preschoolers love receiving these for gifts, such as for birthdays or Christmas. Stick one in Easter baskets or pack it away in a surprise bag for long car trips.

The creative activity wallet folds up and uses a ribbon to keep the inside contents secured. The ribbon’s hook and loop helps secure everything extra snug too, just in case. When laying flat, the little wallet has four individual sections:

  • Six slots for crayons and chalk. Two pieces of chalk and several crayons are already included.
  • A 7.5” X 4” chalkboard mat to reuse over and over again.
  • Pocket to hold 4” x 6” pad of paper. The pad is included with every purchase.
  • An extra pocket to hold finished drawings, glue sticks, pencils, or any other needed creative tool. This pocket also has stickers and colored pencils included with every purchase.

Crayons, chalk, pencils, pad of paper, and stickers are already inside each activity wallet! No additional purchases are needed so this is immediately giftable.

Each wallet measures approximately 9” x 18” when laying flat.