Western Crayon Cozy, Cowboy Crayon Case, Travel Crayon Bag for Kids


These crayon cases are a great way to foster a child’s creativity and keep them entertained while on the go! They are great for all the times you struggle to keep little ones engaged. Keep one handy for the doctor’s office, waiting rooms, restaurants, Church, airplane flights, or road trips. 

The crayon cozy / crayon case features a cute western design. Lttle cowboys and cowgirls are having a blost on the range. The crayon case has a brown inside fabric and a matching brown button to keep your crayons secure. 

The crayon case makes a great gift for any occasion, including:

  • Stocking stuffers
  • Easter baskets
  • Party favors
  • Birthday gift for the budding artist
  • Baby shower gift for an elder sibling
  • Part of an entertainment back before a big trip 

Each crayon cozy uses an elastic loop and button to keep the crayons secure and tucked away. Just roll up the crayon cozy and pull the elastic loop over the button. The crayons will fit snug so you won’t find yourself with loose crayons in the bottom of a diaper bag or car floor. 

The crayon cozy / crayon case comes with twelve crayons included. No need to hunt down or purchase extra crayons. It’s ready to be used right away. 

Each crayon case measures approximately 12” X 5”. The pattern will be the same one displayed in pictures however exact pattern placement may vary. 

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Perfet to take crayons anywhere for my gra...

Perfet to take crayons anywhere for my grandson to color with....