Floral Duplicate Checkbook Cover, Red Check Book, Purse Organizer, Pen Holder


Not a fan of those ugly blue and black vinyl checkbook covers? Try one of these handmade covers using designer quality fabric instead. 

Duplicate checkbook cover features a deep violet red floral pattern against a light gray and cream back. The checkbook cover's inside lining is a geometric print in a matching colorway. A violet red button completes the duplicate checkbook cover. 

No one enjoys paying bills but the process can be made a little less miserable with this duplicate checkbook cover. It’s also useful for all those needed times when a credit card isn’t accepted. Keep your checkbook register close for events such as school fundraisers, PTA dues, kid’s field trips, childcare, summer camp, dentist bills, doctor’s bills, home maintenance, home care, deposits, and all the other little expenses we encounter in life. 

This duplicate checkbook cover comes with two pockets. The first, with its thick vinyl flap,  is for your duplicate checks. The other can keep receipts, your checkbook register, coupons, notes, cash, a small notebook, or other slips of paper you want to keep from getting lost. 

The inside also has an elastic loop pen holder to hold a pen, pencil, or small marker.  This way, it’s there when you need it - no searching the glove box or seat cushions hoping to find a long-lost pen. 

The button/loop closure means your checkbook and other items will not slip and fall out. The loop is made with round cord elastic, sized to keep a shut whether your only carrying a checkbook or using this as a checkbook wallet. 

Duplicate Checkbook Cover contains:

* Thick vinyl flap to use with duplicate checks. Note: This cover will work even if you don’t use duplicate checks.

* An elastic loop pen holder to make sure your pen is always close at hand. Loop is centrally located to accommodate a variety of sizes. It has been tested with common pen brands with success. 

* Two layers of thick interfacing to help provide strength and structure.

* Button and loop to keep checkbook cover closed. This way, the contents will not spill out in your purse!

This checkbook cover measures approximately 6 3/4" X 7 3/4" when laying flat.