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Love popcorn but tired of throwing away all those microwave bags? This reusable bag will help you microwave bag after bag of fresh, healthy popcorn with little effort and almost no clean-up.

The reusable microwave popcorn bag is perfect for almost any occasion, including family movie night or cozying up with your favorite snack to read a new book. It's also great for an impromptu date night or just hanging out with some friends. There’s no need to worry about safety as the reusable popcorn bag is made with 100% cotton fabric and thread. There are no metallic or plastic parts to worry about. 

The reusable microwave popcorn bag is made with two complementary fabrics. On the outside, is a fun video game pattern on a pink background. You'll find game consoles, video game controllers, and other game devices. Inside, there is a matching cream print with pink and gray checks. 

To make a fresh bag of microwave popcorn, just pour half a cup of popcorn kernels into the bottom of the bag. Pull the flap over the top and lay it flat in the microwave. Set your microwave for two to three minutes, or until the popping slows. The little flap will keep your popcorn from escaping. Once the microwave is done, just pull the bag out and start eating. If you’d like, add some salt or other seasoning. I

Popcorn can be eaten directly from the reusable bag, no need to use another bowl. If you’d like to eat it with melted butter, I suggest using a separate bowl to avoid a mess. 

The popcorn bag has a gusset to give it a flat bottom which means it will serve up nine plus cups. It also means the bag instantly transforms into a bowl. 

Popcorn instructions will be provided with each bag. Popcorn is not included. . 

Bag measures approximately x. Exact fabric pattern may not 100% match the pictures. 

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