Squirrel Sandwich Bag, Reusable Sandwich Wrap, Animal School Lunch Boc


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This sandwich mat folds up to keep your sandwich secure and protected in its lunchbox. 

One side is made with silver ripstop nylon which provides a clean eating surface. Flip it over and you have a second fun, patterned eating surface. The soft cotton fabric can also double as a reusable napkin when your meal is finished. Perfect for your child's school lunch box or a quick meal eaten at your office desk. 

The sandwich wrap measures approximately 11” X 11” when laying flat and 5” X 5” when closed up. Each wrap has a generous hook and loop tab on opposite ends, making it adjustable for a variety of sandwich sizes.

The outer fabric designer quality quilting cotton which will stand up to extended wear and tear. The pattern print will not fade so quickly either. The sandwich wrap shows off realistic squirrels, with their fluffy tails, relaxing in the forest.

The sandwich wrap is food safe and comes with:

  • NO lead
  • No phthalates
  • No PBA

Ripstop nylon is naturally water-resistant, relying on the fabric construction rather than chemical treatment. 

To clean the sandwich wrap, you can wipe clean with or stick in the washing machine and dryer. 

Please note the printed pattern will be what is shown in the pictures, however exact pattern placement may vary. 

Customer Reviews

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They are made well and out of fabrics that...

They are made well and out of fabrics that are both cute and durable. The inner lining really keeps moisture and sauces from leaking through. It was shipped and arrived surprisingly quickly and the package was a nice touch. Super pleased!

These girls are so cute. Such a great gift...

These girls are so cute. Such a great gift to give to someone too!

sandwich wrap was very nicely made . i ha...

sandwich wrap was very nicely made . i have some i bought long ago and used for my kids lunches still have the and use them but these are for a 12 and 13 year old girl for christmas.