Tampon and Sanitary Pad Pouch, Time of the Month Bag, Feminine Products Cozy, Holder, Blossoms Blue


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Ever wished for an extra pouch to keep your tampons and sanitary pads protected from dirt and mess?  Do you find yourself frantically searching the bottom of your purse only to find them smashed and torn? 

This tampon and pad case helps you maintain your privacy while on the go!

Honey Bees in the spring feature on this product variation. The main fabric is a light blue with a floral motif in soft yellow, orange, pink, and red. The lining fabric shows a honey bee pattern in a coordinating color way. 

This tampon and pad holder has three narrow pockets to hold a super absorbency tampon. There is also a fourth pocket for both sanitary pads and thinner pantyliners. Its gusset makes for a deep pocket so you can keep either a couple of regular absorbency pads with you, a super absorbency, multiple pantyliners, or a mix. 

Your feminine products will be stay hidden due to the angled corners on the wallet’s top edge. Just pull the top flap over whatever you want to keep secure, fold along the middle seam line, and secure with the hook and loop closure. 

Be prepared for you time of the time with by keeping this in an office desk so it’s ready when needed. The wallet is also small enough to fit in your purse or a girl’s backpack. It’s a great way to protect a girl’s privacy while at school!

This little holder measures approximately 4” X 5.5” when closed.  

Product will include the fabric pattern in the picture, however exact pattern placement may vary.