EcoHip's Carbon-Offset Shipping

EcoHip's Carbon-Offset Shipping

I'm so pleased this feature is now available for small micro-businesses like mine. Now, EcoHip Custom Designs is able to offset 100% of all carbon emission from every packaged shipped. It's another great way we can all make our ecological footprint just a little bit smaller. 

How does it work? The carbon impact of every shipped order is calculated and then an equal amount is donated to verified emission reduction projects

How much will I need to pay? There is absolutely no additional cost for any of EcoHip's customers. There will be no increase in product or shipping costs to fund this initiative. It's only one more reason to shop with EcoHip.

I'm really excited to be able to offer this, especially as online shopping becomes a greater part of the retail world. I truly believe if we all work together, we can make the world a better place and carbon-offsetting is another way for us all to do so. 

- Natalie

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