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Newly Arrived: Two New EcoHip Products

Newly Arrived: Two New EcoHip Products

Two new products are now available from EcoHip: Eyeglass Cases and Creative Activity Wallets. Like so many other items available in my store, these are the result of customer requests and filling a need in my own life.

The biggest request I received during years of attending arts and crafts fairs was eyeglass cases. People wanted a soft case to keep sunglasses in the car or reading glasses in their purse. As a lifelong glasses wearer myself (since seven years old), this was a need I was so happy to fill. 


EcoHip Custom Designs Eyeglass Reading Glass Case SleeveThe eyeglass cases are made with a soft cotton fabric and a a couple of inside layers to provide structure. I also added a button/loop slip to make sure your glasses don't fall out and get lost. 




My Creative Activity Wallets are also now available for sale. These wallets were inspired by my daughter who loves to draw and scribble. I've lost track of the number of times I scrambled to find paper and a crayon or two when we were out and about. So, I started experimenting with different designs and styles until these little wallets were born. Each one comes fully supplied and ready to be used which means one less thing to worry about. It has crayons, colored pencils, paper, chalk, and stickers inside - everything needed for your little one's creative inspiration

EcoHip Custom Designs Creative Activity Wallet Chalkboard Mat Crayon Roll Up


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