I'm here...and only a little late..

I'm here...and only a little late..

 EcoHip launched on the first day of September way back in 2010.


A few items, horrible pictures, and a vague dream of growing a business via my trusty sewing machine. There were absolutely no long-term plans other than to keep plugging away and to learn as I go.


Since then, EcoHip has participated in a number of craft fairs and farmer's markets. I've done a few house parties, dipped my toes in consignment, and experimented with wholesale. Products have been added and dropped. Fabrics have come and gone. 

Some of my ideas were a success (checkbook covers) while others flopped (consignment). But, that's business. 

However, In all those years, EcoHip has never had its own web site with shopping capabilities. Have you seen the meme on Facebook or Instagram? 

She believed she could so she did.

Well, that wasn't me. I walked to the water's edge, checked the termperature, and decided to try again another day. After all, SEO is confusing and web site design is even worse. The truth was, I had lots of excuses and none of them were any good. 

After nine years in business, it's time. Heck, it's overdue. 

So, I'm learning and growing again. SEO isn't as hard as I thought it would be. There are tools to help create web sites. Most of all, I'm reminded why I love what I do so much. Speaking with customers, choosing fabrics, and laboring at the sewing machine - it all keeps me going. I'm lucky enough to say that I truly and honestly love what I do. 

For now, products are being added as quick as I can get them up. Like always, ideas kicking around in my head are being turned into new items. I hope to get those product lines up shortly. There are blog posts partially written, pictures taken, and a to-do list that keeps growing.

For now, here's a bad picture of picture of what kept me busy this week:



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