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Knitting Needle Case - it's new! it's here!

Knitting Needle Case - it's new! it's here!

Once upon a time, I purchased an interchangeable knitting needle set and wasn't a big fan. They were a dull gray plastic with a seam line that seemed to catch almost every stitch. As someone who has always favored Addi Turbos, they didn't help my tendency to knit at a tight gauge either.

So, a few months ago, I used a birthday gift card to give interchangeable knitting needles another try.  Well, the latest EcoHip product was inspired by an interchangeable knitting needle set from Knit Picks. They are beautiful to look at, have a smooth, light feel in my hands, and there is no dreaded seam to snag at my stitches.

As has happened many times over the years, the knitting needles led to another EcoHip product. After a couple weeks and a whole bunch of experimenting, the new interchangeable knitting needle case is now available. 

It includes two rows of pockets and contains organic cotton batting for structure:

EcoHip - Interchangeable Knitting Needle Organizer


The number and size of pockets (twenty in total) means knitting needle case can be used for straights, double points, or crochet hooks. There is also room for knitting notions such as a thread cutter too. Smaller items, such as a row counter or cable needle, will fit in the attached zippered pouch. 

When not in use, it folds up into a small case with a hook and loop closure. There are plenty to choose from, in a mix of color and styles.

Well, except for the pink and gray one. That's mine:







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