Animal Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bag for Popcorn Snacks

Reusable Popcorn Bags. Yes, you put them in the microwave.

Reusable Popcorn Bags. Yes, you put them in the microwave.

My family eats popcorn all the time. It's perfect for afternoon snacks when dinner is still a few hours away, or weekend family movie nights. Sometimes, we used microwave popcorn, and other times we used the air popper. 

Honestly, the air popper drives me a little batty. Popcorn used to go flying everywhere, landing on the floor, and all over the kitchen counter top. I used to keep a small towel in reserve to cover the air popper and direct popcorn into the bowl.

The decision to try something different came from a cold and wet weekend afternoon at home. It had been raining the entire day so my family didn't want to go anywhere. We decided to turn that Saturday into a family movie night. My daughter assigned herself responsible for making the hot chocolate. We also ordered pizza, but decided on some popcorn too. 

Well, I quickly made up my mind to sew up a reusable popcorn bag for us to try out. I stuck it in the microwave to see if the popcorn bag would make some air-popped popcorn, except without the mess and fuss. It worked perfectly!

The instructions are super simple. To make a fresh bag of microwave popcorn, just pour up to one half a cup of popcorn kernels into the bottom of the bag. Pull the flap over the top and lay it flat in the microwave. Set your microwave for two to three minutes, or until the popping slows. The little flap will keep your popcorn from escaping.

Blue Microwave Popcorn Bag, Reusable Bag for Making Microwave PopcornOnce the microwave is done, just pull the popcorn bag out and start eating. If you’d like, add some salt or other seasoning. 

It works perfectly. Neither your reusable popcorn bag or popcorn will burn. Just hot, freshly popped popcorn ready to eat. 

Plus, the bag has a gusset (structured) bottom so you don't need to dirty an extra bowl. This means it instantly transforms into a bowl of its own. 

My son loves dinosaurs so thinks this one is the best: Dinosaur Popcorn Bag for Reusable Microwave Popcorn

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